“Walk Into the Night” Series


A series of dark events.

STATUS: Production

Featuring: Sean Moore, Ru Benjamin Revolver, Albert Rondan, Omar Trevino, Chris Kingsley, Joe Brostowicz

The THEME song for WALK INTO THE NIGHT, is written and performed by none other than Platinum selling writer musician, Chris Kingsley!

ACU studio Sessions – Chris Kingsley – The making of the theme song, “GOTHIC DREAMS” for WALK INTO THE NIGHT. ENJOY!


“The Fields”

Feature Film – Drama Horror thriller – In Development

A group of friends begin to frequent a dark empty field notorious for; murder, drug use, sex, and witchcraft.


Feature Film – Horror Suspense Thriller – In Development

“Moments before the worse storm of the century. A Foster mother already over capacity, receives a rather dysfunctional orphan child that had been bouncing around the system. But things only get worse for the family when they realize that is no child.”


 Short Film – Comedy – In Development

“Josh, a 20 something year old stoner lost in his thoughts, Mary a disabled senior citizen, and Jane the dismissive girlfriend are all in for something unexpected when asked to pick up a health product for Josh’s father.”




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